Michael Furlong

  • Michael spent a considerable amount of time in the late 90’s and early 2000’s building an extensive personal property portfolio whilst running A catering business and function centre. It wasn’t too longbefore the income and enjoyment from the hobby replaced the full-time income, which lead to a career change into the real estate industry.
  • The very first role was in the project marketing & investment side of the industry where he quickly learned to put the principles of investing he had applied for his own portfolio to work, with helping hundreds of investors start their investment portfolio journey. The decision to rent out some office space at MAP Real Estate in Melbourne in 2004 proved to be career defining.
  • In 2011, after almost 6 years in a partnership, he became the sole Director of MAP Real Estate, a boutique agency that specialised in the then “unpopular” corporate rental, executive leasing furnished apartment market in Melbourne.
  • It didn’t take too long before he realised that there was a significant part of the business which he had very little understanding of, being the property management division, especially as a Sales focussed Principal. The realisation was that he was completely naive and out of his depth to the way in which 50% of the business ran!
  • Ever since, Michael has developed a thirst for learning and has become a student of the Property Management side of real estate, quickly seeking out and aligning himself to Australia’s leading property management practitioners, trainers & mentors. It didn’t take too long for him to understand that his level of property management knowledge was not dissimilar to so many agency principals around Australia, and given that he had a commitment to employ & train his staff, he went about picking the eye’s out of a number of Property Management systems to create what eventually became an award-winning formula at MAP Real Estate.
  • In only 2 years Michael & the team at MAP went from student to teacher, with many agencies seeking out the systems & processes that MAP implemented, for their own agency.
  • With the recent sale of the rent roll asset, Michael has established a specialist consulting, training & broking business – “Rent Roll Maximiser” which is specifically designed to work directly with agency principals to develop systems, focus on compliance & risk management, provide unique investor services to their landlords, provide an environment for learning & development for their staff, whilst all playing a positive part in the continual development of the real estate industry.
  • Michael’s has now developed a reputation for creating and operating one of the most systemised, compliant and maximised rent roll specialist businesses in Melbourne, whilst at the same time focussing on passing his knowledge to the many new entrants to the industry either as a Trainer at the REIV / Keynote Speaker / published writer or directly with Agency Principals by working on and streamlining their business.


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