Catherine Goodwin

  • Following 5 years practicing as a Barrister & Solicitor in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Catherine Goodwin commenced her career in Real Estate in April 2005, and in 2008 successfully completed Post Graduate Study at the University of Massey (Albany Campus) to achieve status of Associate to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. As a Licensee Agent, she holds the highest of New Zealand's three classes of licence.
  • Acting as in-house legal counsel to London's largest local authority social landlord, the London Borough of Southwark, Catherine has 'walked-the-walk' when attesting her ability to manage all aspects of conveyancing, property management, housing repairs, and long term maintenance plans!
  • Electing to operate 'at the coal-face' upon her return to Auckland, Catherine managed a portfolio in the West of Auckland before commencing her transition to management.
  • 12 years later, in her role of General and Business Development Manager, Catherine stands alongside her father, Ashley Goodwin committed not only to safeguard; but, further develop their Company's commitment to provide every client a superior level of professional service.
  • "Our business strives resolutely to deliver excellence in every aspect of our daily operations. We recognise that our company exists as a service business without product or stock, and has built its professional reputation on meeting the needs of people wishing to buy, sell, or rent property."


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